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International Multi-Conference on Computing, Communication, Electrical & Nanotechnology I2CN-2K18

KOTTAYAM  India - 26th Apr 2018

Objective: I2CN-2K18: “International Multi-Conference on Computing, Communication, Electrical & Nanotechnology” aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences. It also provides the premier multidisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology. Paper Submission: The manuscript must be submitted in the required format pdf, IEEE format. Please visit https:easychair.orgconferences?confi2cn2k18 to enter the Easychair Paper Submission System. You can follow the paper submission instruction to finish your submission. Publication: All accepted papers will be published in any one of the following Journals which is listed below, based on author’s concern. Based on the scope of the research articles, the articles will be published in any one of the journals listed in the JournalUGC Approved website: http:stmjournals.comindex.html All accepted high quality papers will be published in the following UGC Approved Journals, based on author’s interest with additional Journal processing fee. Ø Indian Journal of Science & Technology Indexed in Web of Science, UGC Approved Ø Middle East Journal of Scientific Research UGC Approved Ø World Applied Science Journal UGC Approved Ø Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences Journal UGC Approved Ø Carbon - Science and Technology Journal UGC Approved The extended version of selected high quality papers will be considered for the publication of Anna University Annexure-I SCI Indexed Journals. Ø Materials Today Elsevier Ø “Papers on Nano Devices will be considered for publication in the journal INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS.” Taylor & Francis Keynote Speakers: Prof. Er Meng Joo Nanyang Technological University Singapore http:research.ntu.edu.sgexpertiseacademicprofile Prof. Sisil Kumarawadu University of Moratuwa Srilanka www.elect.mrt.ac.lksisil Prof. Rajesh Joseph Abraham Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology Trivandrum, India https:www.iist.ac.inavionicsrja & many more please stay tuned @ http:i2cn.mangalam.ac.in, http:www.mangalam.ac.in Call for papers: The topics of interest include but are not limited to, the following tracks: Ø Advanced materials in Engineering Ø Bio Medical, Electronics and Green Architecture Ø Building Energy Conservation and Green Architecture Ø Computer Vision and Robotics Ø Computational Fluid Dynamics Ø Civil Engineering Materials Ø Chemical and Process Engineering Ø Design of Embedded system with VLSI Ø Data mining Ø Electrical Materials Electro magnetics Ø Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering Ø Green Manufacturing Ø Internal combustion Engines Internet and Mobile Computing Ø Instrumentation and Control Engineering Ø Mechatronics Ø MEMS and NEMS Ø Materials preparation and processing Nanotechnology Ø Nano Devices Ø New Technology, methods and Techniques in Civil Engineering Ø Networking, Communication and Multimedia Ø Photonics and Opto-electronics Ø Power engineering Ø Pervasive, Grid, Cloud computing Ø Renewable and Non-Renewable Energies Ø RADAR and satellite communication Ø Semiconductor devices Ø Structural Engineering, Signal and Image Processing Ø Theory and Advanced Technology of Engineering Structure
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