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International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Computational Intelligence ICKDCI 2017

Chennai  India - 06th Apr 2017

The vision of ICKDCI 2017 is to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working on varied areas of Knowledge Discovery and Computational Intelligence. English is the official language of the conference. Prospective authors are invited to submit full and original research papers which are not submitted published under consideration elsewhere.
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TRIKONA Conference

Chennai  India - 03rd Mar 2017

Vernacular means native – it defines the soul of any environment, culture, architecture, language, cuisine, and lifestyle. It is a common identity of the place which will be sustainable and energy efficient. In this datarevolution packed century, the world has become a global village, and traditions and cultures have lost their local distinctiveness. Vernacular traditions in any field are a creative process developed by the interpretation of local knowledge, geographic opportunities, challenges, pastexperiences, which are negotiated and adapted by generations to the meet the needs of the time. This conference will bring best resource persons from architecture and allied fields to speak on their experience and research. It will also encourage scholars, and activists to present papers, which would be published as a journal.
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TIRUCHIRAPPALLI  India - 31st Mar 2017

The main theme of the conference is energy and environment which are the challenges being faced by the engineers and scientists around the world today.
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Indore  India - 25th Feb 2017

“Make in India” is the governments flagship campaign planned to boost the domestic manufacturing industry and attract foreign investors to invest into the Indian economy. The campaign was launched in September 2014 with an intention of reviving manufacturing businesses and emphasizing key sectors in India. To implement this program effectively, various initiatives have been taken so far. Now the issue is that, whether these initiatives are appropriate and sufficient enough to achieve the ‘growth’ objectives? What further initiatives can be taken? To address this issue, researches and deliberations are required.
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India a young population with an economy on the move, transforming rapidly into a modern nation, needs a platform to plan and to translate those plans into reality. Today with a larger investments in science, research and developments which can intercept the growing necessity of modernization in social, health, security, scientific and economic sectors, need to have platforms like conferences, seminars , workshops n other related events which can throw light on different areas.
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