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10 Oct 2019

10 Oct 2019


Charisma & Confidence: Learn Leadership Magnetism and Six Leadership Secrets for Superior Team Results     (19 Views)     

Event Serial No.-  WLD134212
Contact Person - Training Doyens
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Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2019-10-10
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Topic Covered: Human Resources Human Resources , Leadership , Management ,

About Event

OVERVIEW Each person is born ethnocentric, or believing that other people and events revolve around them which is generally true for the first few years of a childs life. The focus of activity for a growing child is inward. Some people carry this inward, self-focus into adulthood. These people, so overly concerned with their own well-being in a self-centered way, never learn the secrets of influence. Successful people, who want to have the power of persuasion, turn their circle of activity and interest outward. They expand their interests and focus to be as conscious of the people around them as they are of themselves. They develop what we call, charisma. This charisma gives them confidence and tremendous power in building dynamic teams. They excel in interactions with colleagues, co-workers, and the people they manage. By learning how to develop charisma and personal magnetism with the points taught in this webinar, you will enter an elite circle of successful leaders. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND It is natural for managers to have trepidation when delegating, discussing projects and in other ways getting employees to fulfill their tasks and follow directions. Add to this the uncertainty that comes with choosing words that inspire and get team members moving toward goals while building dynamic team relationships. This webinar enables you to practice charismatic and transformational leadership and replace uncertainty and apprehension with belief in your abilities as you create an authentic and authoritative presence when interacting with your employees. Included are fundamental principles of integrity that make you a leader employees can trust plus tips for overcoming workplace pessimism and expressing your opinion in impactful ways that move people and projects forward. The information is systematized in logical and natural steps that give you real help--not just theoretical rhetoric. Sign up today and overcome self-doubt with confidence. AREAS COVERED In this webinar you will get charismatic leadership tips and techniques for preserving the self-esteem of employees when in difficult discussions and turning negative team situations around. With the increased personal power and enhanced persuasion skills you’ll learn how make team members accountable for their assignments. The instruction enables you maneuver through 21st century management minefields to leadership success. At the heart of 21st century management and leadership skills is the truth that you have to lead yourself and model behaviors you want your employees to exhibit. This program gives you entrance into the 21st century leadership world by helping you: • Implement “Leadership of One” principles • Learn to lead yourself • Engage workers to give discretionary effort • Empower employees to bring their A-game to work every day through charismatic leadership • Uncover the mysteries of charismatic body language Without confidence, your management career has little chance of mastering a manager’s complex roles and moving from a manager to a charismatic leader. With the instruction in this webinar, you will learn how to develop charisma and personal magnetism to be influential in your relationship circles. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Develop your charisma and people will want to follow you. They will want to be part of your team and they will be influenced by your opinions and suggestions. You will become the leader they CHOOSE to follow, not HAVE to follow because of your place on the organizational chart. This is the secret of superior team results. • You will learn how to: • Use your personal attributes to your advantage • Be confident in your abilities to handle challenging situations • How to develop charisma and personal magnetism • Speak authoritatively as needed • Be assertive even when petrified inside • Move projects forward in spite of barriers • Tackle difficult conversations with increased conversation skills • 21st century management and leadership skills • Be authentic and sincere when interacting with others • Be empathetic at appropriate times • Model the principal components of personal power • Preserve personal integrity even when missteps happen WHO WILL BENEFIT Anyone in a leadership position, anyone who wants to have more influence, and anyone who wants to build a dynamic team will benefit from this webinar. This information is a critical component of getting results when you manage and lead others. The following titles will benefit: • Team leaders • Office Managers • Project managers • Executives • Sales managers • Customer service managers • Directors • Assistant directors • Marketing managers • Account managers • Business development managers • Finance directors • HR directors Use Promo Code FALL19 and get flat 30% discount on all purchases To Register or for more details please click on this below link: http:bit.ly2ZYkfpw Email: support@trainingdoyens.com Toll Free: 1-888-300-8494 Tel: 1-720-996-1616 Fax: 1-888-909-1882
Venue: Aurora,  Colorado,  United States of America

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