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AI in Healthcare Qatar 2020

Doha  Qatar - 02nd Mar 2020

Globally, Healthcare Industry leaders are opening their doors to innovation and exploring the latest technologies in order to decrease the cost of care and, most importantly, provide greater access to care. AI in Healthcare Qatar 2020 is the first forum of its kind to take place in Qatar and will provide a platform for global and local industry leaders to connect, engage and share experience on how AI is transforming the health sector globally and what it means for Qatar to become a regional Centre of Excellence for AI in healthcare. Attendees will gain exposure from first-hand experiences of using AI in the clinical care and hospital operations from the expert line-up of speakers and solution providers who are at the heart of developing and using the technology. AIHQ will focus on the healthcare authorities, hospitals and research institutes attracting CIOs, CTOs, IT and Informatics experts along with senior Doctors and Clinicians from Qatar with an aim to discuss the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence and learn the first-hand experience of using AI in the clinical care and hospital operations environment from our leading expert line up of speakers and solution providers who are developing and using the technology. AI in Healthcare Qatar 2020 provides an unparalleled opportunity to hear the latest insights, technology advancements and real-world uses cases from industry leaders, startups and researchers from the health tech industry. Join us at this one and only platform in Qatar to hear how AI is already being used in healthcare and its potential future uses
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