Top Conference in Urban studies Abu Dhabi

March 2024
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The AsiaEngage AE Regional Conference is a regional platform organized bi-annually in fulfillment of the research, education, and engagement missions of higher education institutions to create mutually beneficial partnerships between multi-sector stakeholders – higher educa

  • Bangi , Malaysia
  • 05th Mar 2024 - 07th Mar 2024
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    This conference’s focus is on issues of poverty and its eradication, social inequality, race relations and policy management and mismanagement with an international perspective. As poverty continues to be an ongoing, often-inhumane problem, this conference aims to provide a

  • Bangkok , Thailand
  • 09th Mar 2024 - 11th Mar 2024
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    International Conference on Happiness and Well-being [ICHW] is one of a kind platform for global stakeholders to gather, network and discuss topics related to happiness and well-being in education, society and workplace. ICHW offers a unique, culturally and professionally diverse

  • Bangkok , Thailand
  • 17th Mar 2024 - 19th Mar 2024
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    The conference will feature keynote speeches, oral sessions, and poster sessions by experts in the fields of education, psychology, urban planning, engineering, and sustainability. Presentations will cover a broad range of topics, including smart transportation systems, green bui

  • Kyoto , Japan
  • 27th Mar 2024 - 29th Mar 2024
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    The 6th International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Management will be held in Kyoto, Japan from March 27-29, 2024. The theme of this conference is "Smart City and Green Life." BREFM brings together researchers, scholars, and practitioners from around t

  • Kyoto , Japan
  • 27th Mar 2024 - 29th Mar 2024
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    he 2024 Global Conference on Art, Education and Humanities will be heldin Kyoto, Japan from March 27-29, 2024. The theme of this conference is"Creative Industries and Social Development" The conference aims to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge excha

  • Kyoto , Japan
  • 27th Mar 2024 - 29th Mar 2024
  • April 2024
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    Fourteenth International Conference on The Constructed Environment, Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria, April 05 - 06, 2024 In-Person and Online Special Focus—Asocial Forms: Reconfiguring Possibilities of Urban Space

  • Vienna , Austria
  • 05th Apr 2024 - 06th Apr 2024
  • May 2024
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    The 7th International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism, ICCAUA2024, is being jointly organized by Alanya University in collaboration with Anant National University. The conference will feature both in-person sessions at Alanya University and online

  • Alanya , Turkey
  • 23rd May 2024 - 24th May 2024
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    The ICCAUA2024 conference unites theories and methodologies in contemporary architecture and urban spaces to enhance understanding and bridge theory with practice in the built environment. This peer-reviewed conference event brings immense opportunities for all of us to share our

  • Ahmedabad , India
  • 23rd May 2024 - 24th Nov 2024
  • June 2024
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    The 9th International Ioannina Meeting on Applied Economics and Finance IMAEF aims at offering a forum for exchanging ideas in the application of theory to contemporary issues in economics and finance. The meeting brings together academics and practitioners from different countri

  • Argostoli, Kefalonia , Greece
  • 17th Jun 2024 - 19th Jun 2024
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    ICTIMESH-24 is the most comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of Arts, Humanities, Management, Engineering, Science & Technology and aimed to showcase the latest and everlasting research trends in the contemporary disciplines. The Conference is a premier ga

  • London , United Kingdom
  • 24th Jun 2024 - 27th Jun 2024
  • July 2024
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    We will explore the balance between big data analysis and privacy rights, the impact of AI technological development on individual privacy, and the risks associated with third-party data sharing. Additionally, discussions will cover how to address the inconsistencies in regulatio

  • Osaka , Japan
  • 04th Jul 2024 - 06th Jul 2024
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    The 7th International Conference on Social Science and Business ICSSB 2024 brings together scholars, researchers, professionals, and practitioners from around the world to explore the intersection of climate change and corporate social responsibility CSR. This conference a

  • Osaka , Japan
  • 04th Jul 2024 - 06th Jul 2024
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    Seventeenth Global Studies Conference, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, July 17 - 19, 2024. Special Focus—The World on the Move: Understanding Migration in a New Global Age. Founded in 2011, Global Studies Research Network is devoted to mapping and interpreti

  • Kraków , Poland
  • 17th Jul 2024 - 19th Jul 2024
  • August 2024
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    In August, Okinawa boasts vibrant coral reefs, pristine beaches, and cultural festivals, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and traditional charm, and HEF has chosen this poetic season to invite you to participate in our 2024 WORLD TALK, WE TALK series of seminars held in

  • Ginowan , Japan
  • 08th Aug 2024 - 10th Aug 2024
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    It is our great pleasure to announce that 8th ASMSS The Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences will take place during August 8-10, 2024. in OKINAWA, JAPAN. This time, ASMSS set a special session on "Sustainable Energy and Social Inclusion: Innovation, Impac

  • Okinawa , Japan
  • 08th Aug 2024 - 10th Aug 2024
  • April 2025
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    Fifteenth International Conference on The Constructed Environment, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany, 10-11 April 2025 Founded in 2010, The Constructed Environment Research Network is brought together by a common

  • Berlin , Germany
  • 10th Apr 2025 - 11th Apr 2025
  • July 2025
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    Eighteenth Global Studies Conference, University of Málaga, Málaga, Spain, 2-4 July 2025 Founded in 2011, Global Studies Research Network is devoted to mapping and interpreting past and emerging trends and patterns in globalization. We aim to traverse a broad ter

  • Malaga , Spain
  • 02nd Jul 2025 - 04th Jul 2025