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Top Conference in Racial Equality

December 2022
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Conference and articles collection "Actual issues of philosophy, history, and political sciences" ISSN 2788-1296 Registration date: until December 15, 2022 Article sending: until December 20, 2022 Articles text volume: from 15.000 to 40.000 printed characteristicss

  • Ostrava , Czech Republic
  • 20th Dec 2022 - 20th Dec 2022
  • March 2023
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    PSPC gathers scholars, activists, professionals and policy makers from across the globe. PSPC is open to all genders, religions, races and beliefs, as it is diversity of perspectives what, we believe, helps us grow on both personal and professional levels. 13th Poverty and Soc

  • Bangkok , Thailand
  • 09th Mar 2023 - 11th Mar 2023