Joint International Conference Gurugram University & Valpariso University USA

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Global Challenges: Collaborations, Ethics & Resilience ICGCER-2022 represents a broad theme which encompasses various sub-themes of contemporary interest. The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has quickly eclipsed other recent epidemics in both size and scope. In addition to the deadly human toll and the disruption to millions of people’s lives, the economic damage is already significant and far-reaching. International collaborations have always been important in the times of disruptions. Since the days of traders bringing spices from the East to Europe, people have been taking advantage of resources from other parts of the world in order to do business. In the digital age, we have another global resource readily available on a click of a button. Collaborations across organizational and cultural boundaries extend the possibilities of discovery. International collaborative projects often provide findings beyond what one team could achieve alone. Global Collaborations will be fruitful if embedded with ethics and resilience. Creating an ethically resilient environment requires an organisation-wide commitment that starts at the top and recognition that being truly ethical sometimes requires going beyond mere compliance. Against this backdrop, a two-day International Conference ‘Global Challenges: Collaborations, Ethics & Resilience ICGCER-2022’ is being organized by the Department of Management. The conference aims to deliberate, discuss and conduct research around the prevalent issues on global challenges and prospects regarding global Collaborations, ethics and resilience. The conference strives to provide a platform for academicians, research scholars, practitioners, government officials and students to contribute their research papers and case studies in this Joint International Conference. Only original and unpublished work will be accepted for the Conference.