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Lebanon  https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/lebanon.php organizing academic conferences to focus on education for sustainable development and is planned to bring together experts and practitioners on one platform to discuss innovative ideas, practices and policies. https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/ in education and technology represented at such a high-level among a truly international gathering of research etc. #Events […]

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Kyrgyzstan has held numerous https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/kyrgyzstan.php academic conferences for researchers and practitioners to share about research results, new ideas and development experiences in various research fields. https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/ provides a free and open atmosphere where researchers and speakers speak and engage in creative ways to workshop high-impact and new solutions to some […]

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Laos organizes https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/laos.php educational conferences to give them the necessary skills to build a better future for themselves and their society, and to contribute to a peaceful and prosperous country. https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/ in education and technology represented at such a high-level among a truly international gathering of research, scientist, academician and […]

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Korea South organized a conference https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/korea-south.php to focus on research and practical workshops and implement the various initiatives of this multi-faceted reform process, all of which ultimately focus on the provision of brighter futures for all generations. Main aim of the conference innovation https://www.worldconferencealerts.com/ in education and technology represented at […]