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Croatia Hrvatska a young population with an economy on the move, transforming rapidly into a modern nation, needs a platform to plan and to translate those plans into reality. Today with a larger investments in science, research and developments which can intercept the growing necessity of modernization in social, health, security, scientific and economic sectors, need to have platforms like conferences, seminars , workshops n other related events which can throw light on different areas.
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September 2023
Event ID: WCA526689 75 Views

With the proliferation of social media and other online platforms, the spread of mis- and dis-information has become an ever-increasing problem. The spread of mis- and dis-information can have a number of negative consequences, including damage to reputation, harm to individuals

  • Dubrovnik , Croatia Hrvatska
  • 29th Sep 2023 - 30th Sep 2023
  • November 2023
    Event ID: WCA538494 83 Views

    Booking Manager Summit is a one of a kind, specialized B2B event, aimed at pulling the globally dispersed professional yacht charter community closer together and enabling them to shape the future of the yacht charter business through collaboration and education. Over 500 partici

  • Zagreb , Croatia Hrvatska
  • 08th Nov 2023 - 10th Nov 2023
  • Event ID: WCA514062 136 Views

    “STATE INSTABILITY: Past, present, and future perspectives for the nation-state” is an annual Conference organized by Libertas International University Zagreb, Croatia. The topic for 2023 is “State Instability and Communist Legacy in Central and Southeastern Eu

  • Zagreb , Croatia Hrvatska
  • 10th Nov 2023 - 10th Nov 2023