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Lisbon a young population with an economy on the move, transforming rapidly into a modern nation, needs a platform to plan and to translate those plans into reality. Today with a larger investments in science, research and developments which can intercept the growing necessity of modernization in social, health, security, scientific and economic sectors, need to have platforms like conferences, seminars , workshops n other related events which can throw light on different areas.
The World conference alerts helps you to get detail ideas about these events where you can spell out your knowledge and research outcomes.

Top Conference
April 2023
Event ID: WCA508080 50 Views

A conference presented by the IBA Arbitration Committee with sessions brimming with high profile speakers and an abundance of networking opportunities. Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • Lisbon Congress Centre , Portugal
  • 13th Apr 2023 - 14th Apr 2023
  • Event ID: WCA514129 24 Views

    Running Remote Conference 2023 is a conference dedicated to building a remote team to help develop the future of work. Running Remote Conference 2023 covers topics such as: How to hire remote employees Build and scale your remote team What will be the first billion dollar

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 25th Apr 2023 - 26th Apr 2023
  • May 2023
    Event ID: WCA417393 226 Views

    At ESPID 2023, you will learn about the latest findings and clinical applications in infectious diseases, immunology, and epidemiology that affect children. Together we can improve child health! Price: Visit the website for more information: EUR 0.00. Time: 09:00 to 17:00.

  • Lisbon Congress Centre , Portugal
  • 08th May 2023 - 12th May 2023
  • Event ID: WCA508330 87 Views

    The Centre for International Studies at Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, in partnership with OBSERVAREUAL, is organising the seventh edition of the International Conference “Europe as a Global Actor”, on 11 and 12 May 2023. ABOUT THE CONFEREN

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 11th May 2023 - 12th May 2023
  • Event ID: WCA418049 77 Views

    Presentations, Demonstrations and state-of-the-art Exhibition under one roof! Valuable knowledge source and showcase of the latest innovations. The 15th ITS European Congress 2023 motivates all companies and organisations from the broad spectrum of the ITS ecosystem to play a rol

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 22nd May 2023 - 24th May 2023
  • Event ID: WCA513885 28 Views

    We are thrilled to announce our 23rd annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week. Europes largest event for leading Shared Services & GBS experts returns to Lisbon this May! GBS Repositioned: Value, Purpose & Growth-Led Transformation With their relentless focus o

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 22nd May 2023 - 24th May 2023
  • Event ID: WCA417594 130 Views

    UXLx is the place where all UX Pros meet for the best training. Come to sunny Lisbon to get inspired with talks from industry-renowned speakers and upgrade your skills with hands-on workshops. Share and learn with hundreds of UXers from all over the world.

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 23rd May 2023 - 26th May 2023
  • June 2023
    Event ID: WCA409324 153 Views

    EARC aims to provide a forum to an international scholarly community to share the multidisciplinary knowledge from science and social science fields. Scopus publication--selected papers.

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 04th Jun 2023 - 05th Jun 2023
  • July 2023
    Event ID: WCA508765 35 Views

    We invite the academic and industry fraternity to participate in EUIRA 2023 conference on the theme "Sustainable Technologies for Organization & Business”.

  • Lisbon, Portugal , Portugal
  • 01st Jul 2023 - 02nd Jul 2023
  • Event ID: WCA513514 22 Views

    The conferences objective is to empower the international scholarly community to uncover the state of research and experiment, and to create new insights.

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 02nd Jul 2023 - 03rd Jul 2023
  • Event ID: WCA412762 110 Views

    This conference will focus on three major areas: First, it will present new approaches to generate precise and complex genetic alterations in mice and other animals to better “humanize” models and allow for in vivo studies of cancer gene function. Second, it will high

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 18th Jul 2023 - 21st Jul 2023
  • September 2023
    Event ID: WCA513814 13 Views

    The Portuguese Association of Veterinarians Specialists in Companion Animals APMVEAC welcomes you all to the 48th WSAVA Congress, in Lisbon, Portugal on 27-29 Sept 2023. Register today! Price: Visit website for details and savings: EUR 0.00. Time: 08:00 to 20:00.

  • Lisbon Congress Centre , Portugal
  • 27th Sep 2023 - 29th Sep 2023
  • October 2023
    Event ID: WCA508301 28 Views

    The world’s economy is fuelled by energy. Depletion of resources and severe environmental effects resulting from the continuous use of fossil fuels has motivated an increasing amount of interest in renewable energy resources and the search for energy policies leading to a s

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 02nd Oct 2023 - 04th Oct 2023
  • November 2023
    Event ID: WCA513446 17 Views

    In light of our recent successful completion of 3DPAM2022, we are delighted to invite you to present your research work at our next conference the International Conference on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 3DPAM2023 to be held on November 06-08, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Lisbon, Portugal , Portugal
  • 06th Nov 2023 - 08th Nov 2023
  • Event ID: WCA508279 32 Views

    Spectrum Conferences delightedly welcomes you to its International Summit on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems ISPDDS2023 which is going to be held during November 21-23, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 21st Nov 2023 - 23rd Nov 2023
  • July 2024
    Event ID: WCA507848 42 Views

    Twenty-fourth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations, Lusiada Research Center on Social Work and Social Intervention, Lusiada University, Lisbon, Portugal July 03 - 05, 2024 Special Focus—The Future We Want: Socio-Environmental Cha

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 03rd Jul 2024 - 05th Jul 2024
  • Event ID: WCA507875 72 Views

    Twenty-fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations, Lusiada Research Center on Social Work and Social Intervention, Lusiada University, Lisbon, Portugal July 03 - 05, 2024 Special Focus—The Future We Want: Organizational Responsibiliti

  • Lisbon , Portugal
  • 03rd Jul 2024 - 05th Jul 2024