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Top Conference in European Studies

December 2021
Event ID: WCA331659 96 Views

The conference's themes are current challenges and prospects of Economics, Business, Engineering, Social Sciences and Multidisciplinary studies. The aim of the conference is to bring researchers together to share ideas for further collaboration.

  • Tbilisi , Georgia
  • 18th Dec 2021 - 19th Dec 2021
  • February 2022
    Event ID: WCA333326 48 Views

    World Gynecology 2022 brought you by PULSUS ordains to try driving edge memoranda of prominent general characters, featured experts, banner introductions, and uncommon meetings drawing in specialists in Gynecology and Obstetrics field. This gathering is proposed to deliver enchan

  • Paris , France
  • 07th Feb 2022 - 08th Feb 2022
  • March 2022
    Event ID: WCA301591 210 Views

    Education and Development Conference [EDC] is one of a kind platform for global stakeholders from academic, professional and governmental realms to gather, network and discuss educational development, technology education, teaching and learning techniques and innovations in educa

  • Bangkok , Thailand
  • 05th Mar 2022 - 07th Mar 2022
  • May 2022
    Event ID: WCA326281 106 Views

    9th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology CoSIT 2022 will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology. The Conferen

  • Vancouver, Canada , Canada
  • 28th May 2022 - 29th May 2022