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Top Conference in Parasitology

October 2021
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Magnus Group warmly invites you to attend the "International Vaccines Congress 2021" IVC 2021 during October 25-27, 2021 in Orlando, USA. IVC 2021 is designed to bring together top leaders, researchers and Scientists in one stage acting as a means of disseminat

  • Orlando , United States of America
  • 25th Oct 2021 - 27th Oct 2021
  • November 2021
    Event ID: WCA221233 258 Views

    Infectious and Chronic Diseases Congress 2021 provides up to date evidenced-based information regarding the diagnosis, prevention and management of rare & emerging infectious diseases and its epidemiology on controlling the pandemics. Opportunity for all the presenters to

  • Cape Town , South Africa
  • 22nd Nov 2021 - 23rd Nov 2021