CIB World Building Congress 2019 Hong Kong Hong Kong – 17th Jun 2019

CIB World Building Congress 2019

Hong Kong  Hong Kong – 17th Jun 2019

CIB World Building Congress 2019 CIB WBC 2019 will be held in Hong Kong from 17 to 21 June 2019. The Congress is jointly hosted by the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction CIB and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Department of Building and Real Estate BRE. The CIB WBC is regarded as the leading construction research and innovation conference worldwide. BRE has a multi-disciplinary team of faculty members who possess expertise in the respective fields of surveying, engineering, town planning, building technology, real estate, finance, law and economics. Led by the theme ‘Constructing Smart Cities’, the CIB WBC 2019 will provide a platform to explore the smart city development and its role in society. This triennial congress will focus on 8 sub-themes: • Smart Utilities and Facilities Management • Smart Governance, Policy and Economy • Smart Environment • Smart Service • Smart Buildings and Infrastructure • Smart Transportation and Mobility • Smart People and Living • Smart Planning, Design and Construction Building and construction industry specialists, researchers, and policymakers will convene here for the 5-day World Building Congress. Local, regional and internationally renowned industry specialists will deliver keynote talks, case studies and dynamic presentations to reveal the latest smart building, construction and infrastructure trends, practices and developments. View Conference Detail